Friday, May 26, 2017

Last Day of School

They're really going to miss their teachers and friends, but we are ALL excited about sleeping in, creating summer memories and just concentrating on family fun!

1st Grade:  This year Caleb became a really good reader.  He has always been a mathematician beyond his years, but his reading really caught up.  He doesn't enjoy handwriting, but liked writing stories.  He made lots of new friends and enjoyed a full day of school, buying lunch (hot dog, pizza and chicken nuggets were favorites), going to related arts and going to Latchkey before and after school.

4th Grade:  Kenzie had a great teacher who really pushed and challenged her.  She switched classes for the first time and loved having more than 1 teacher.  She loves science and language arts.  She learned how to study this year (lots of tests and quizzes), did lots of homework, and had a close knit group of friends.  She worked hard at school and also juggled several after school activities (basketball, Girl's on the Run and Wed night church).  We are so proud of her!

And check out their FIRST DAY of school pictures.  They have grown a lot!

Here we come SUMMER!  It's been a long time waiting!!

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