Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Summer is my favorite season!  I enjoy the slower paced schedule, sleeping in, later bedtimes, cheering on my kids on the ball fields, trips to the lake, get togethers with friends and being together as a family!

Here are some highlights from our summer!  Can't believe the school year is right around the corner!

It wouldn't be summer without softball.  I love cheering on this girl!  She played in the All Star game and was all smiles!  

Her team also ended the season undefeated.  She had some pretty great coaches, especially the handsome one in the middle!

Caleb took up golf this summer and was a natural.  He participated in a golf camp, with kids ages 7-12.  The first day, he came home all smiles because he hit the longest drive out of everyone!

We enjoyed our first family Clipper's baseball game.  It was so much fun and the kids loved it!  We were blessed with beautiful weather and the kids enjoyed getting autographs!

And what's summer without swimming and boating at the lake with family?

And of course, there is always some sort of ballgame taking place.

But my favorite summertime tradition is fireworks at the lake!  We have the perfect waterfront set up and there is nothing better than watching the fireworks reflect off the water!

And I love family bike rides and "park-nics" a term we coined this summer.  Impromptu lunches and dinners at the park are one of my favorite memories! 

We're going to soak up the last few weeks of summer before the school year is here!  It's been a fabulous one!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sometimes you need a little reminder...brotherly love throw back

Like most siblings, we are in the phase of sibling rivalry.  You know...who got the most cereal, who got buckled in first in the car, who did/did not do something which might get them in trouble...
That being said...I know they really love each other as EVERY night this summer, they have had a sleepover in each others rooms.  I repeat, EVERY single night.  Daytime fighting aside, they love each other enough to end their day cuddled up together.

well...I stumbled upon this sweet gem.  I can't wait to show it to my kids as a reminder that they really did find each other adorable...and actually liked giving each other hugs and compliments (gasp)!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Year of Sports

So I am quite behind on the blog.  We have been extra busy this year with sports, so I am just lumping our year of sports all together!

Basketball:  Mackenzie played basketball for the first time and really enjoyed it.  It was a year of learning and we were proud of her! She had a great team and wants to play again next year!

This last video is a little grainy, but is a good one nonetheless!

Caleb played his first year of flag football!  He loved it!!  He somehow managed to be on not only a former Ohio State Buckeye, but also a NFL All American player, Joey Galloway!  He was a fabulous coach and Caleb (along with most the dads) were quite proud to have him coaching!

How lucky is he, his first year playing, he gets a former NFL, All-American player, who is also a current ESPN correspondent?  Unreal!

Mackenzie:  Girls on The Run
I coached Kenzie's school team again this year.  We really love this program, which builds girls confidence, while teaching them how to run a 5K!  I love getting to know her schoolmates better and be a part of her school community!  

Hugs to my sweet girl who ran this race much faster than last year!  

As was the case last year, it seems to always rain for this event.  However, the cool rain is sometimes welcome as it can be pretty hot this time of year! 

While Mackenzie and I were running in the 5K, Caleb participated in the Kiddie Dash....and ended up winning the whole event!  

Mackenzie Spring Softball
Mackenzie took on the role of pitcher this year.  She was one of 4 great pitchers on her undefeated team.  I love watching her on the mound or covering 1st base...her two favorites.  She did great under pressure and for her 1st year pitching, did really well.

Kenzie threw the last strike, on her last game of the season.  Her team was the only team undefeated! Love these sweet girls!

She also got into her hitting groove this year.  She was slamming balls into the outfield this year, almost every game.  She has always been a consistent hitter, but it was fun to see her hitting make such huge improvements!

Caleb took up golf lessons this summer after watching the Memorial Tournament on tv and getting to meet players and receive autographs.  The golfers were so generous; Kenzie got a signed golf glove from Jim Frick and Caleb got a signed ball.  They also got a hat filled with signatures. 

Getting an autograph from Jim Fyrick...who took her on the course to give her HIS glove.  Lucky, lucky girl!

As a result, Caleb decided he would give golf a go!  And as we have found with most sports...he was a natural!

He even went golfing with his sweet cousin Owen and Grandma and Grandpa Buzzard during a sleepover!

In a few weeks, Caleb will participate in a USA Jr. Golf Camp!  To say he is excited is an understatement!  

Friday, May 26, 2017

Last Day of School

They're really going to miss their teachers and friends, but we are ALL excited about sleeping in, creating summer memories and just concentrating on family fun!

1st Grade:  This year Caleb became a really good reader.  He has always been a mathematician beyond his years, but his reading really caught up.  He doesn't enjoy handwriting, but liked writing stories.  He made lots of new friends and enjoyed a full day of school, buying lunch (hot dog, pizza and chicken nuggets were favorites), going to related arts and going to Latchkey before and after school.

4th Grade:  Kenzie had a great teacher who really pushed and challenged her.  She switched classes for the first time and loved having more than 1 teacher.  She loves science and language arts.  She learned how to study this year (lots of tests and quizzes), did lots of homework, and had a close knit group of friends.  She worked hard at school and also juggled several after school activities (basketball, Girl's on the Run and Wed night church).  We are so proud of her!

And check out their FIRST DAY of school pictures.  They have grown a lot!

Here we come SUMMER!  It's been a long time waiting!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Family PIcs

Every year a coworker and friend takes our family pictures.  She always finds a way of capturing my kids authentically on the camera.  I can't wait to frame some of these!